We are part of the ecosystem. By living in harmony with nature, we preserve the health of people and planet.

Plants are our partners in life.

Plants are as generous as they are beautiful. They transform the power of the sun, earth, and water into an array of beneficial compounds, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, lipids, and antioxidants. For millennia, humans have cultivated the healing properties of these components.

This is where our philosophy, and our brand, begin.

Science by nature.

Before modern science humans turned to plants for self-care, learning which were safe and effective over thousands of years. The essence of a single plant contains hundreds of different phytonutrients inside. This diverse range of bioactive, biocompatible, and biodegradable nutrients is impossible to replicate in a lab.

We’ve returned to nature for curating the ingredients that nurture healthy, radiant skin.We formulate with plants in their purist form at high concentrations unlocking the power of these potent organic medicines.

Developed for results.

We list our formulas down to the exact percentages on the front of each bottle. The names of our ingredients are of plants you might recognize and can always pronounce. We don’t believe in fancy packaging or the exaggerated claims prevalent in the industry. Our formulas are uniquely pure, so much that they offer an experience unlike others in color, texture, aroma and feel.

All of our products contain only 8 ingredients or less -and each and every one is an active ingredient with a distinct purpose. The absence of toxins in our products goes beyond just safety, it’s also about the efficacy of our products.

No petrochemicals, ever.

Every day, the average person comes into contact with hundreds of harmful chemicals found in personal care products, household cleaners, foods and drinks. We want to change that. By limiting our contact with these harmful elements and using more products with only plant-extracted ingredients, we can empower everyone to lead a natural lifestyle in pursuit of optimal wellness.

"A natural lifestyle is a journey. Our hope is that you will join us—in everything you do—as you pursue the path to optimal wellness."- Myriam Zaoui-Malka