Our Manifesto

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Plants are our partners in life

Plants are as generous as they are beautiful. They transform the power of the sun, earth, and water into an array of beneficial compounds – vitamins, phytonutrients, lipids, antioxidants, pigments. For millennia, humans have cultivated the healing properties of these components. This is where our philosophy, and our brand, starts.

Ingredients Philosophy
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Wellness starts with ingredients.

Every day, the average person comes into contact with hundreds of harmful chemicals found in personal care products, household cleaners, foods and drinks. We want to change that. By limiting our contact with these harmful elements and using more products with only plant-extracted ingredients, we can empower everyone to lead a natural lifestyle in pursuit of optimal wellness.

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Remember, concentrate.

A product containing too many ingredients will give you a micro-dose of each, rendering the effectiveness of each of those ingredients virtually useless. Fewer ingredients means higher dosages. We believe that delivering targeted ingredients in higher concentrations maximizes our products’ efficacy.

Ingredients Glossary
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Practice radical transparency.

We all have a right to know exactly what we put on and in our bodies, so that we can judge its use, benefit, or potential harm. This is so important that we have placed every ingredient – the exact percentage formulation in fact – directly on the front of our bottles for all to see and share. How radical!

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You shouldn’t have to pay a premium for water.

The vast majority of consumable packaged goods are diluted by 50% or more of distilled water to reduce cost. Our products are focused on pure botanical ingredients. That’s what we deliver. Not a lot of water.

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Plants don’t discriminate by gender or age.

We don’t make niche products. We make great products. The nutritive and healing properties of plant-based products can benefit everyone – women, men and children. Ingredients® benefits all.

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From farm to bottle.

Inferior ingredients produce inferior results. Quality matters. We believe that the shortest line from what comes out of the ground to what goes on or in your body produces optimal results. We make sure that every ingredient is carefully sourced and transported directly from the best producers around the world—from organic farming whenever possible—to ensure purity and freshness. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

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Living a toxin-free life is worth it.

Using highly-concentrated, quality ingredients is inherently costly. However, we work very hard to make sure our products are fairly priced and provide great value based on the high quality of our formulations. We strongly believe that avoiding toxicity should be priority one for all of us and that it’s worth investing in products that deliver the maximum effectiveness with the least potential harm to our wellbeing.

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We start and end in nature.

We are a part of a bigger system. We are part of the great whole. In the way we consider our formulations and package our products, we treat our customers and our planet with the respect, honor and gratitude they deserve.